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The Social Anxiety to Social Domination In 90 Days Guide

The Social Anxiety to Social Domination In 90 Days Guide

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I couldn’t tell you how many days, weeks, and months have gone by where I was just barely getting by, wishing to be as confident as others my age were. They were living it fully - having a bunch of friends, doing cool activities, and such.

I had a vague idea of what to do but just didn’t know where to even start and how to act on it. Wasting time worrying was the only thing I was good at and felt super defeated. I closed my eyes and realized, that change would either begin now or never.

After many weeks of stumbling onto self-improvement articles, I immediately started taking the next steps in testing different social confidence-building strategies.

Eventually, I landed on the methods and actions that gave me the most clarity in transforming into the social and different person I am today.

Social, confident, young, and daring after as little as 90 days.

All bundled up into this simple blueprint here - the “90-Day Success Social Domination Guide”

Join me in abundance among others in the community of young driven individuals in pursuit of becoming better versions of themselves.

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What is the Social Domination Guide?

The 90-Day Success Social Domination Guide, also known by the alternate title, "The Social Anxiety to Social Domination In 90 Days Guide", is a simple to-the-point guide that aims to increase social confidence amongst younger people, in as short as 3 months. The content presented within consists key information and actionable tips to really ensure that progress be made.

Is this really for me?

THIS IF FOR YOU if you're trying to escape the perpetual comfort zone you are currently in and need a nudge into taking life-changing action. You dislike how your social anxiety is ruining your life day after day after day. If achieving social liberty that will also propel other areas of your life is what you want then this is an excellent way to get started!

How soon will I see a breakthrough?

As to when you will see a breakthrough ultimately depends on you; how serious who take this roadmap, and your willingess to change. If you follow along weekly and take action where needed there's no reason why you can't begin to experience progress in an fast as 2-3 months!

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Customer Reviews

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Jasmine P.
You NEED this!

Those Youtube videos about how to take control of your social anxiety are good, but when you get down the rabbit hole of looking for more advice and actionable steps, that's when I get frustrated about how to follow it and where to even start, so I end up with analysis paralysis. But this guide does take you along holding your hand of sorts with what to do each week, which is something I've always needed! I'm getting more confident about meeting people now, looking for opportunities to make friends and such. Highly recommend!

Jasmine P.
Yeah it’s nice!

Y’all should get this tho! I like how things are split into a weekly manner. It’s an easy read, and there’s some pressure to do what you gotta to take action, but not too much pressure if you know what I mean lol. By summer I think my social anxiety won’t be nearly as bad as I have for years now.

Jasmine P.
Worth it I would say

This may be a little pricey, but I do like how much easier it is to go out more and make new friends after like 4 weeks into reading this. Finally had the courage to go to local workshops in my area about business and talk to like-minded people.

Jasmine P.

It's really nice to have action tasks of sorts in this. You can't really progess through this until you do what you gotta do each week! Overall love it!

Mirza K

I like the hand-holding feel to it. It is almost speaking to me in a way but, overall I see how it can help me as a college student who is socially unconfident and wants to make more friends.

"The best way for the socially fearful to tap into a life of growth and purpose"

Stop letting more days, weeks, months and years bypass while others reap the benefits of being Young N' Daring.